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About Our On-The-Spot Deep Cleaning Service For HVAC Systems!

With the most highly-effective negative pressure technique, a powerful whip brush with long nozzles, high-pressured vacuums, as well as other cleansing tools, truck mounted on our mobile workshops; we arrive at the customers’ sites anywhere in Grand Prairie, Texas. Our experts at Air Flow Duct Cleaning Grand Prairie, TX, provide step-by-step vent cleaning explanations before you purchase our services, and then we start our cleaning mission by the inspection measures by using a high-advanced camera tool that records the condition of the hidden parts in the ventilation system, determining the places of the contamination gathering and if there are any cracks that need our professional sealing task or not.

We purify the squirrel cage and the fan, besides hand-washing all vent covers, and removing visible and microscopic contaminants, then go inside throughout the system with our up-to-date machines and tools from the surface to the hard-arrival places until arriving at the endpoints at each main and sub tube, loosening all the dust and contamination, leaving no atom of pollution inside and making the HVAC system to pump fresh breezes.

Our Professional Services!

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Green Sanitization Treatments For Cleaner Indoor Air

With our effective anti-bacterial, anti-viruses, anti-spores, anti-mites, and anti-mold treatments, we purify the whole system of the HVAC system and the areas surrounding the vents, which can harbor germs and toxins. We at Air Flow Duct Cleaning Grand Prairie, TX, also apply kids and pet eco-friendly solutions that can kill any grime, viruses, spores, and mites inside the ventilation system and prevent regrowth for two years. Each breeze you will take from the cooling and the heating unit after our sanitization service will be pure and free of any pollution; you will feel comfortable and breathe easier after our cleaning mission.

After breathing indoor air with quality that was less than the outdoor from 2 to 5 times, as per the EPA reports, fresh breezes will spread all over the property and make the indoor environment a healthy site to live inside safely instead of being in a place risker than outside with air that may destroy the respiratory and immune system.

The High-Sterilization Of UV Light Technique!

Air Flow Duct Cleaning Grand Prairie, TX, also provides both residential and commercial citizens throughout Grand Prairie, Texas, and the surrounding areas with the UV light installation service for air conditioners and heating units. This technique has proven its ability to sterilize the air coming from the cooling and furnace system with the power of ultraviolet light.

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